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  • Sportsball - Fringe+Co


    You’re cordially invited to the Sparkliest Sports Ball. Even though there’s already a true winner of the ball (Saints, duh), we were nice enough to include fabulous...

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  • Sequin Saints Football! - Fringe+Co

    Sequin Saints Football!

    While we can’t control the outcome of the game, we sure can control our level of EXTRA while cheering on the game. Whether you're sitting right on the...

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  • How to: Bachelorxtra - Fringe+Co

    How to: Bachelorxtra

    (note: “bachelorx is referred to for non-binary bachelor/bachelorette parties)  Whether you’re looking for a little extra sparkle or to make your entire bachelorx group stand out, we’re...

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  • [Red Dress] Running to Fringe - Fringe+Co

    [Red Dress] Running to Fringe

      The iconic annual charity “run” in New Orleans is quickly approaching. Let’s be honest, no one in New Orleans is too quick to run especially in this...

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  • Calling All the Hot Beaches - Fringe+Co

    Calling All the Hot Beaches

    The summer months are getting hotter and let’s be honest, so are we. Follow these caftan styling tips to ensure you’re staying (and looking) cool for the summer. ...

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  • big SPARKLY announcement - Fringe+Co

    big SPARKLY announcement

    WE'VE GOT SOME BIG NEWS!   That's right, we've been keeping some things up our sparkly sleeves for the last few months...

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  • Drop it like its H O T - Fringe+Co

    Drop it like it’s H O T

    Drop it like it’s H O T  ….because it is and so are we in our new summer sparkle collection The 70’s called, and told us we’re...

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  • Sparkle with Pride! - Fringe+Co

    Sparkle with Pride!

    Sparkle with Pride! The month of June is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the love of...

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  • Featured in Adore Magazine - Fringe+Co

    Featured in Adore Magazine

    Thanks so much to Adore Magazine for naming me a 2022 Creative! Here's a snippet from the article! "After a decade of studying and working in forensic psychology, Kelsey took...

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  • Fringe Festival Do(s) & Dont(s): - Fringe+Co

    Fringe Festival Do(s) & Don’t(s):

      Do: Add a bit of fringe to your outfit. Don’t: We don’t believe in fashion don'ts. DO WHATCHA WANNA BITCH. Festivals have become a time...

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  • Fringe+Co on the Today Show with Hoda and Jenna

    Fringe+Co on the Today Show!

      In the middle of Mardi Gras Madness I got a text from my friend saying “I have some exciting news, do you have time to chat?”. Thinking...

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  • How to SPARKLE on New Years Eve - Fringe+Co

    How to SPARKLE on New Years Eve

    It's that time of year where we chill the champs, prep our disco balls, and pull out our sparkliest of outfits. That's right, it's time to let go of the...

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