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[Red Dress] Running to Fringe - Fringe+Co

[Red Dress] Running to Fringe


The iconic annual charity “run” in New Orleans is quickly approaching. Let’s be honest, no one in New Orleans is too quick to run especially in this August heat, but with the promise of alcohol (and for charity of course), locals and visitors alike are running out the door. The only caveat? Everyone, and we do mean everyone, must wear a red “dress”. In the sea of red, stand out in Fringe.

Click your red sequin heels together three times and say “there’s no place like fringe, there’s no place like fringe, there’s no place like fringe” and *POOF* you’ll have the best outfit in all the crowd. Your red glitter long caftan is guaranteed to garner some attention shining under the August sun. 

red glitter caftanred glitter caftan


Throw on some sparkles and get to walking. Our red sequin sleeve party crop is the perfect addition to this fun and fabulous day. Pair her with a red tulle skirt for extra drama.


red sequin crop topred sequin party crop

 Arguably the perfect topper. She’s light, airy, and so sparkly. Pair with a red skirt and you’re good to walk those two miles for charity (p.s. we won’t tell anyone you’re wearing a dash of pink). 


the lover (red and pink) tinsel jacketthe lover tinsel jacket


The Red Metallic Lame Long Caftan was made for royalty. This fabulous fabric looks like metallic liquid and has the most gorgeous shine. Toss her on, queen, and don’t forget your tiara. 


red metallic lame long caftanred metallic lame long caftan

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