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How to: Bachelorxtra - Fringe+Co

How to: Bachelorxtra

(note: “bachelorx is referred to for non-binary bachelor/bachelorette parties) 

Whether you’re looking for a little extra sparkle or to make your entire bachelorx group stand out, we’re here to give you that something xtra that your group is missing 

Forget the sash, get free drinks from our iridescent paillette long caftan. This piece is perfect for Vegas fashion. Wear it to the pool on top of your swimsuit, or to the club on top of your prettiest lingerie. 

iridescent paillette long caftaniridescent paillette long caftan

The perfect bachelorx outfit absolutely does exist and it’s our pink Iridescent party crop paired with pink iridescent high waisted sequin pants. You’ll want to wear this to the drag brunch or delicious dinner you have planned. Xtra tip: Mix and match these two pieces with other pieces you bring in your suitcase. 

 iridescent high waisted sequin pants iridescent high waisted sequin pants

Our Iridescent Fringe Duster is the cherry on top to any already fabulous outfit (yes even sweats). We guarantee putting this on will give you the attention you deserve and may even help your hangover. Note: we can’t guarantee you’ll feel better from a tequila hangover, but we can guarantee you’ll look amazing sweetie.

Iridescent Fringe DusterIridescent Fringe Duster

You know it’s a party when someone puts on our Black Tinsel Vest. Wear this on the same night your bestie is wearing our iridescent sequin fringe duster for the ultimate squad goals.

black tinsel vestblack tinsel vest

While we believe more is more, sometimes you just need a little something extra sparkly. Our pom pom earrings are the perfect accessory for your next bachelorx party. They’ll elevate any outfit. 

rainbow pom pom earringsIridescent pom pom earrings

An outfit to wear to dinner, the bars, and comfortable enough to sleep in when you’ve had one too many ;)  You truly can’t go wrong with our Pink Iridescent Duster

Pink Iridescent DusterPink Iridescent Duster


The Iridescent Sequin Fringe Duster is fun, drop dead gorgeous, and perfect for you/your friend that is getting hitched. Wear it on top of literally any outfit to add that xtra getting married feeling.

Iridescent Sequin Fringe DusterIridescent Sequin Fringe Duster

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