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You’re cordially invited to the Sparkliest Sports Ball. Even though there’s already a true winner of the ball (Saints, duh), we were nice enough to include fabulous outfits for most regional college and professional football teams. We may not support your team, but we support your right to sparkle.

I must admit, I *almost* like picking out my outfit for gameday more than the game itself… almost. Our party tees are a sure way to make anyone wish they had your outfit on instead. 


LSU Party T with Sequin SleevesAlabama football tshirt with sequin sleevesAuburn Football Tshirt with sparkle sleeves

Come on Tigers, put on your new lucky party tee (or five) and get that touchdown. 

Bama, we already know y’all love to go all out on your outfits. Party with us in our Alabama football party tee this fall.

You’ll surely want to yell out “Warrrr Eagle” in our fun, comfortable, and fabulous party tee.

Go Packers - Green and Gold Tinsel JacketPackers Tshirt with Sequin SleevesGo Packers - Gold and Green Party Wrap

We don’t want to seem cheesy, but this tinsel jacket is sure to pack a punch at that Packers game. Instead of that cheese you put on your head, try a party wrap instead. We guarantee you’ll stand out in the best way. Check out your Party Tees right here

Chicago Bears Party TeeChicago BearsChicago Bears - Party Tee

Hey Chicago, we know it’s a little chilly there this time of the year. Put on a white turtleneck and our party tee layered overtop and you’re good to go! 

Black Tinsel Jacket

Our black tinsel comes in many forms. From vests to jackets, this fabulous fabric is perfect for just about any team and any event. 

Go Raiders - Black and White Tinsel Jacket

Add a touch of white to that tinsel, and Raiders, we got you too.



Check our website for your team colors and our official Saints Football Collection here. (You can also find the entire Saints selection there as well!) 


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