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Drop it like its H O T - Fringe+Co

Drop it like it’s H O T

Drop it like it’s H O T 

….because it is and so are we in our new summer sparkle collection

The 70’s called, and told us we’re fabulous.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t think that after seeing us walk into the pool in our 70’s Geometric Long Caftan? 

70's inspired geometric caftan70's inspired geometric caftan

70’s Geometric Long Caftan  


And for those extra toasty days don’t forget about our shorty. The 70’s were all about versatility and she’s on board. Pair her with our rainbow stripe party wrap and you’re ready to be the coolest person at the pool.


70's inspired geometric tunic70's inspired geometric tunic

70’s Geometric Tunic


Block out your haters & the rays.

Pool party, bachelorette trip, or every day life- all our rhinestone sunglasses are bound to make a statement and go with absolutely everything in your closet. Try them for yourself if you don’t believe us. We guarantee they’ll add a little sparkle to your day. 

hot pink rhinestone rectangle sunglassesMulticolored Oversize Cateye Rhinestone Sunglasses

Hot Pink Rhinestone Rectangle Sunglasses & Multicolored Oversize Cateye Rhinestone Sunglasses        


White Rhinestone Cateye SunglassesWhite Rhinestone Octagon Sunglasses

     White Rhinestone Cateye Sunglasses & White Rhinestone Octagon Sunglasses


For our friends with extra dark personalities and styles, our black caftans collection is beautiful and luxurious. Throw on one of these caftans, hit the pool then treat yourself to a 5 course meal. You deserve it, and you deserve these too. 

Black Floral Satin Long Caftan Black and White Stripe Chiffon Short Caftan

Black Floral Satin Long Caftan & Black and White Stripe Chiffon Short Caftan


Feeling easy, breezy, and extra fabulous in our summer caftans.

Light enough for the New Orleans heat and bold enough to catch every eye in the house. 

Rainbow Mesh Long CaftanBlack & White Floral Chiffon Short Caftanrainbow tie dye long caftan

Rainbow Tie Dye Long Caftan & Black & White Floral Chiffon Short Caftan & Rainbow Mesh Long Caftan


I want candy

(and to be comfortable in this heat). We can guarantee both in the Candy Stripe Caftan and Tunic. 

Candy Stripe TunicCandy Stripe Short Caftan

Candy Stripe Short Caftan & Candy Stripe Tunic



Feeling cute in lavender, absolutely will be posting more selfies later.

With so many options in this gorgeous color of the season, you really can’t go wrong with the way you cover yourself in it from head to toe. 

Note: We’re not responsible for the amount of people that ask “where did you get that?” 

Lavender Sequin Stripe TunicLavender Sequin Tunic

Lavender Sequin Stripe Tunic & Lavender Sequin Tunic & Pants


Bold, cooling, and gorgeous. 

Our sheer embroidered caftans scream “poolside cocktails” but throw on a slip and you are ready for nighttime cocktails. A true summer essential. 

White Floral Embroidered Short CaftanBlack Floral Embroidered Long Caftan

White Floral Embroidered Short Caftan & Black Floral Embroidered Long Caftan


Go to fringe-co.com/collections/summer-sparkle-drop to check out the rest of this fabulous and limited edition summer sparkle collection 

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