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Fringe+Co on the Today Show with Hoda and Jenna

Fringe+Co on the Today Show!


In the middle of Mardi Gras Madness I got a text from my friend saying “I have some exciting news, do you have time to chat?”. Thinking that he was going to tell me something exciting he was doing I called him immediately. Instead he told me a producer friend from The Today Show was interested in doing a walk-on segment with Fringe+co. while they were taping LIVE in New Orleans. Hoda, Jenna & Kelsey on the Today Show!

Jenna wearing a Party Wrap on the Today Show

Hoda wearing a Tinsel Jacket on the Today Show

Tired from lack of sleep and high on king cake sugar I immediately said “yes” and went back to shipping orders. Then it hit me- I said yes to being on national TV? The nerves kicked in but I knew it wasn’t an opportunity I could pass up. 

Fast forward through many conversations with producers it was decided that I was going to walk on air live with a clothing rack and dress Hoda and Jenna in sparkles. I immediately booked Nicole at Parlour Salon to do hair and makeup and organized the sequin squad to come cheer me on (and help with my nerves). 

Sparkle Squad in Jackson Square

The day of I woke up at 5am, headed to the salon so I could be ready to get mic’ed and prepped. I had no idea what Hoda and Jenna were going to wear so I had a lot of sequin options. A car picked me up at the salon to bring me to set (this was the first time a car has been sent to get me and let me tell you, a gal could get used to this). My clothing rack and I were quickly shuffled to the live set in Jackson Square where there was a flurry of activity all around. I just sat back and waited to get my microphone and be told when I was on (cue major nerves). 

When it was my turn I grabbed my rack and brought in the sparkles. I remember saying my first line and after that… it is all a little blur because it happened SO FAST. I do remember losing Hoda’s headwrap on her head but made a swift recovery like a true pro. After it was over I grabbed my rack and headed to brunch with my sparkle squad. They all got up at 5 to dress in sparkles as well, so it was cause for celebration.

Hoda & Jenna's Sequin Styling Segment on the Today Show

Doing The Today Show was incredibly surreal. Kelsey from 8 years ago could not even imagine that this was a possibility, and here I was with Jenna and Hoda and Harry Connick Jr. I had an incredible group of friends show up to support and am so lucky to get to do what I love. I am sure that Jenna and Hoda will come back to New Orleans and I hope to get to dress them in even more sequins next time.

 Cheers to the Today Show!


Check out the clip here (towards the end of this segment).

And this is what nola.com said about it! 

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