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Summertime and the Sparkling’s Easy! - Fringe+Co

Summertime and the Sparkling’s Easy!

Hey sparkle babes!  The sun's out, the temperature is high, and the snowballs are flowing which can only mean one thing: it’s summer! If you aren’t from New Orleans or haven’t had the pleasure of spending a summer here…consider yourself lucky. 

Not to knock my favorite place on earth but New Orleans summers are notorious for the heat, the rain, and the humidity. Still, that kind of weather isn’t enough to keep us out of the streets for that NOLA fun! So today I’m here to present you with some summer outfit inspo that will be keeping you just as cool as you look!  

So grab some sunscreen and a cold drink, cause we are getting ready for a Sparkle Girl Summer! You in?

Caftan Chat! 

Well, more specifically, let’s talk about our short caftans and tunics. Now, we are known for our long-flowing caftans but let’s be serious, wearing a full-length caftan in this heat, in these streets, is not the move for our SGS (Sparkle Girl Summer). We want our legs out to get a taste of that oh-so-coveted breeze that will help keep us going for the next few months, so we will be sticking to short caftans and tunics (and maybe a full-length mesh every now and again).

We love our new sheer floral print short caftan. The light breathable material is perfect for enjoying an afternoon in the shade, sipping a cool drink, and catching up with your besties. Wear it with your favorite basic undergarments or use it as a cute cover-up for your swimsuit; this floral fantasy works for every occasion! It’s easy to be dressed up for a backyard summer dinner,  or paired with some cute sneakers for a casual weekend look. 

Summery Light Caftan with floral print

Tunic Talk

For those who may be new to the Fringe world, or only know the short and long caftans, let's talk about the tunic! The tunic length is shorter than the short caftan and is meant to replace a top piece but not long enough to cover your bottom. This allows you to work in your favorite bottom pieces like shorts, skirts or pants. Though for a sexy SGS we will be rocking our favorite jean shorts! 

Check out our classic rainbow checkered tunic. The bright summer colors go with everything while the soft and light fabric is ideal for keeping you comfortable. I wear mine to dinners, to the movies, to anywhere, really. Grab your favorite rhinestone sunnies to complete the vibe! 

Rainbow Checkered Tunic, Perfect Summer Outfit

Summer of the Set

Now I don’t know about you but we here love a matching set. In fact, we love them so much that this past spring we dropped not one, not two, but three different sets in different cuts and styles. We love options! 

If you haven’t taken the time to look through those let me give you a quick breakdown! We have the Crawfish set, the Rainbow set, and the Eyes set (and each set comes in two styles!). The Baddie - a cropped button down and shorter short, perfect for the baddie tryna show a little of that sun-kissed summer skin. And The Daddy - a more traditional length shirt and short, ideal for any daddy in your life who wants to be stylish but wants to stay a bit covered up. 

This summer we are definitely rocking the eye set with a rhinestone hat! Perfect to keep the sun out of your eyes and look fabulous while doing it. Who said you can’t be fashionable and functional!? These matching shirts and shorts are perfect for the girl on the go: comfy, soft, and most importantly, adorable. 

Blue Eyes patterned summer outfit - shorts and shirt set

Summer of Sequins

At the intersection of standing out and wearable fun comes the sequin crop top! The crop is a staple piece in the Fringe + Co. closet which is why we had to bust it back out for a summer of fun! 

This lightweight top will have all eyes on you, wherever you go, thanks to its bold color and reflective fabric. Also, the pink color is perfect for the most (at least our most) anticipated movie of the summer - The Barbie Movie! Do you have your Barbie Movie outfits picked out yet?! If not you’re in luck, we have so many options on our website! 

Pink sequin crop top, summer outfit inspiration

Functional Fringe 

We wouldn’t be Fringe + Co. without putting some fringe pieces on this list! Now, the NOLA sun may be hot but a SGS is hotter! That is why we are grabbing our fringe vests. Perfect for summer concerts, going out dancing, or just walking around showing everyone you’re having a better time than they are. 

Our fringe vests are just like our fringe jackets but we removed the sleeves so you can comfortably wear them for your summer fun events. Pro tip: We love wearing ours with the clasps in the back for a little open-back top moment! 

Blue tinsel vest worn as a top, summer outfit inspiration

Always Accessorize!

Now that you have your SGS outfit picked out we aren’t ready to hit the streets just yet! They say before you leave the house to take one thing off. But when the accessories look this good, that is just not possible. Let’s chat about ways to take your looks to the next level. 

A go-to for us is to always throw on a pair of pom-pom earrings. These individually handcrafted earrings are so lightweight and the perfect way to express your style. You won’t even feel them on and they will be catching every eye you pass by! 

Another statement piece to throw on for a hot summer day is one of our rhinestone hats! Prepare to be a walking Disco with the way the light flashes off of this. With the right music you can have the whole room moving together in minutes! 

To keep the sun out of your eyes, while still looking fierce as ever, grab a pair of rhinestone sunnies. Now, you’re ready for your SGS to begin!

Summer Accessories, Pom Pom earrings, rhinestone hats, rhinestoned sunglasses

We would love to see how you incorporate Fringe pieces into your Sparkle Girl Summer so don’t forget to please tag us! We love to see how you show your style, it inspires us and gives us new ideas so don’t stop. 

Happy Sparkle Girl Summer you hot babes!

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