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Hey Girls, Gays, and Theys: Pride Month is Here!

May has quickly come to an end which can only mean one thing: it's time for pride season! As we all know and love, Pride is a celebration of everyone in the LGBTQIA+  community and that is exactly what we want to do! So without further ado here is my Guide to Pride.  

Pride dates back to the late 1960s with the Stonewall riots in New York City. On June 28th, 1969 the queer patrons of the Stonewall Inn were fed up with being harassed by the local police and finally fought back. This event is generally considered what started the Gay liberation movement and what would lay the brickwork for the fight for the rights of the LGBTQ Community. 

We celebrate pride today in the summer to honor those original Stonewall riots, and to give thanks to those who we have lost along the way, those who have given up their lives in the fight for our rights. We walk tall and celebrate proudly for all those who came before us. 

graphic gay pride tshirts

Now one thing that truly marks a celebration, and that we here at home in New Orleans love and know all too well, is a parade! Most cities have a pride parade and celebrations throughout June so be sure to check out how your city will be celebrating its Pride this summer.

Here in New Orleans, our main pride weekend will be June 9th - 11th with our big parade being on Saturday, June 10th. And if there’s one thing New Orleans does big and does well, it's a parade! So let’s talk about what to wear to your local pride parade, cause we want to see you in your sparkly best celebrating as loudly and proudly as you can! 

We live life in technicolor year round so you know we have the best color palette for Pride season (and will be using the entire rainbow to our advantage!). For those wanting to live that multi-colored fantasy, try a classic fringe piece like our pride tinsel jacket, or the Firecracker long sequined caftan. 

Firecracker rainbow sequin caftan and rainbow tinsel vest


If you’re wanting to go head to toe with your rainbow look, try the rainbow sequin crop top and high waisted pants set. Or, spring for the matching jumpsuit which is great with or without a shirt (a motto to live by during Pride season). 

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the perfect pride and summer set, ideal for those hot New Orleans days and even hotter NOLA Gays! These sets are so comfortable, command attention and are a blast to accessorize. 

summer comfortable tops and shorts sets with fun patterns


For footwear, we always recommend wearing your cutest (but comfiest!) shoes. After all, it’s a long weekend and we don’t want achy feet holding anyone back. Throw on a pair of rhinestone sunglasses to complete the look. And remember, suntan lotion is an accessory that looks good on everyone. We are definitely in our “protect from UV Rays but making it fierce” era this summer. 

bright and rainbow outfits with comfy shoes


For those looking for a more subtle way to work some rainbow into your pride ‘fits,  I’ve put together some more casual (but just as proud pieces) for something I like to call Day to Day Pride. You know, something you can wear out for pride but also throw on to make groceries. Cause as we all know, having pride is an everyday event not just one month out of a year!

Our collection of graphic tees and tanks is a great way to make a small statement but still be comfortable to easily work it into a day-to-day look. And though we here at Fringe + Co. don’t personally understand that concept of “subtle,” you can always find me at the snowball stand rocking my Lesbeaux Tee. 

graphic gay pride tshirts


For an extra bit of flare, you can make it your own piece by cropping or tie-dying it. There’s always something you can do to make it uniquely you! For a little extra pride shine (for those of you who are wanting to stand out a little more than usual) we always suggest grabbing a feather party wrap or pom pom earrings! 

iridescent caftan with rainbow pom pom earrings


So now that you have your pride ‘fits picked for the parade, what else is going on in New Orleans that we can do to keep the gay times going? Well besties, here are some of my favorite local spots and some fun local queer-owned businesses to support (not only this Pride season but year round!), starting with the Fringe + Co x Urban South Drag Brunch! 

That’s right, on June 3rd at 11 AM we are starting off the first weekend of pride month correctly at Urban South and some of our favorite sparkle queens Kookie Baker and Jessica Champagne. Get your tickets while you still can (this event is selling out quickly!). 

Are you more of a night owl? Don’t worry honey, we got you covered! Check out a weekend extravaganza of HER HAUS events from June 9th - June 11th. HER HAUS is known for their “celebration of queer-femme culture!” They are a safe and welcoming space for all “Girls, Gays, and Theys! Allies included.” Just have fun and be nice :) 

Her Haus pride outfits

Kick off pride weekend with their Friday night dance party hosted by Ivy Les Vixens with beats by DJ BOSSMANDIEGO and performances throughout the night by Gia Vaughna, Katrina Waters, and Miss Mercedes E. L'Oreal. 

HER HAUS also has many events throughout the weekend like Saturday night’s “A Femme Affair.” We are especially excited for this one as our own DJ LIZ will be spinning. A night full of music, burlesque, and Go Go Dancers…what's not to be excited about? We hope to see you out there in your sparkly best dancing the night away! 

If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience then we suggest checking out Qi Qi, the cutest little queer dive bar! With their new home tucked away on Foucher Street, this quaint little place is the perfect spot to take some time away from the quarter to chill out and have a drink. They have a backyard space with games on the patio, tables to sit and enjoy the summer, and even a couple of bar pets (two bunnies to be exact!) 

Fun Pride Outfits


However, if you’re already in the quarter and looking for some good drinks and good times then check out Good Friends or Lafitte’s in Exile! Both of these more traditional sit-down bars have two levels and some wonderful balcony seating. We love a balcony moment for some fun crowd-watching, it IS the quarter and Pride after all! 

For those who are looking to explore parts from a new POV, you have to check out Bayou Paddlesports located right on Bayou St. John in historic Mid-City! This queer-owned kayak and paddle board rental spot has everything you need for a relaxing afternoon on the water, providing you with views of the city that you’ve never seen before! An afternoon on the water is calling babes, so why not answer? 

rainbow sequin caftan in the water


There you have it, loves! That is where you will find us around NOLA this Pride Month. We hope to see you on the streets and in your sparkle best! 

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