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Life on the Fringe: The Glittery Grind that Makes Fringe+Co - Fringe+Co

Life on the Fringe: The Glittery Grind that Makes Fringe+Co

Our Woman-Owned Small Business that's All About Sparkle, Inclusivity, and Keeping It Local

Kelsey Campion of Fringe+Co wearing a sequin caftan


Hi there! I'm Kelsey Campion, founder of Fringe+Co, where sequins are a way of life and being called "extra" is a compliment. Welcome to my New Orleans-based brand that's all about adding sparkle to everyday life—whether you're donning a vibrant party wrap for a night out or rocking a sequin sleeved party tee just to head to the grocery store. So, grab your glitter and let's dive into the sequin-tastic world of Fringe+Co.

A group of people wearing sparkly and fun outfits!

My company is proudly woman and LGBTQ+ owned and operated, with a mission to create a space where everyone can shine. Size inclusive? You bet! Gender inclusive? Absolutely! We don't care about labels; we’re all about wearable FUN. And speaking of fun, our products are inspired by, designed, and made right here in New Orleans—so you know they're infused with the vibrant energy of this iconic city.

Fruit Fly tee shirt, perfect for Pride!


Fringe+Co is more than just a brand—it's a community. I left my career in forensic psychology to follow my passion for creating joy and sparkle. My commitment to transparency and honesty about the ups and downs of running a creative business has given me a platform to connect with people around the world. From Instagram stories, to ridiculous TikToks, to honest conversations about supply chain dilemmas…y’all know I'm all about keeping it real.

Now, let me tell you about the Haus of Fringe. Located in the heart of New Orleans's Mid-City neighborhood, this sparkly clubhouse is where all the magic happens. It's a studio, showroom, and your new favorite spot to gather, sparkle, and shine together. The Haus hosts events like drag brunches, fashion shows, and pop-up markets—all fueled by fun, community, and sequins, of course!

a peek of the Haus of Fringe

In June, I took a bold step and purchased my manufacturing company to ensure the continued quality of our products. With my fiancé, Liz, at the helm, the Fringe Factory in Terrytown, LA has become a boutique manufacturing powerhouse. I'm dedicated to supporting my local community by providing fair wages and safe working conditions for my production team.

Liz Ellis and Kelsey Campion and the thread wallKelsey and the Fringe Factory

So, are you ready to embrace life on the Fringe? Come join this fabulous, maximalist community where we believe style has no gender, and every day is an opportunity to sparkle. Remember, we only get one life on this earth, so why not live it to the fullest—drenched in glitter, of course!

Pink Tinsel Jacket on Katrina WatersCaftan ClubA variety of tinsel jacketsSparkly wedding outfits

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